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Your Health, Your Image, Our Commitment

A Commitment to Putting Your Health First

Perth’s newest radiology service, Precision Radiology WA focuses on providing patients with personalised and quality service. With over two decades of experience, our radiology team uses brand new low dose CT, Ultrasound and Digital Radiography imaging. 


We are located at 72 Churchill Ave, Subiaco with plentiful free 2 hour street parking. Our policy of bulk billing all (Medicare rebateable) Diagnostic Radiology services comes with a commitment to putting your health first.





Our Procedures

With brand new, state of the art Low Dose CT, Ultrasound and Digital Radiography imaging technology, Precision Radiology WA focuses on your health and your image. 


We offer all aspects of Ultrasound (US) –


including Abdominal and Pelvic scans, Obstetric Ultrasound & Musculoskeletal Ultrasound.

Low Dose CT

All aspects of Computed Tomography (CT) – 


including Head, Neck, Chest, Abdomen, Pelvis, Extremities, CT Angiography and CT Ca Score. 

Digital Radiography

We offer all aspects of Digital Radiography (XR) –


including all  X-ray referrals for Doctors and Allied Health Professionals.

Interventional Radiology

US guided Musculoskeletal injections and FNA/Biopsy, Platelet rich plasma (PRP), Hyaluron, Bone Marrow Concentrate, CT guided Nerve Root Sleeve Injections and Facet Joint injections, Epidurals, Rhizotomy, Varicose Vein Management & Peripheral Arterial Disease Management, Uterine artery embolisation, Ovarian and pelvic vein embolisation, Varicocele embolisation, Prostate artery embolisation, Geniculate artery embolisation, Radiofrequency neurotomy /ablation, Autologous plasma solution, Endovenous laser ablation, radio frequency ablation ,cyanoacrylate closure, ultrasound guided foam sclerotherapy, micro sclerotherapy, angioplasty, stenting, vertebroplasty, PICC lines, haemodialysis catheters (Hickman) and infusaports.

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